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Join Top Sport Sites - Fixed! (June 24 2008)

How to Participate to the Top Sport Sites: (more)
Only sports related sites are accepted
  1. Enter the information, all fields are required including a link to an 468x60 banner.
  2. You will receive the HTML code to add to your site by email. Please insert it on your site as soon as possible. Do not put on a page that is behind a login.
  3. Reply to the email you received once the code has been added to your site and your banner will be activated. Please reply with the URL that contains the vote button/link to speed up the acceptance process.
  4. That's it!  As soon as someone clicks on the button on your site you will get credit on the list!
IMPORTANT: Sites found not to have a vote link or button on their site will be deactivated until resolved since the point of a top sites is to be able to vote for them. Inactive sites are automatically deleted by the system after 60 days. Thank You!



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